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StattQualm was founded 2012 as an association. The main goal was to inform others about vaping in Switzerland and the page was intended as a platform for newbies. As a result of a longer-lasting lack of high-end vaping equipment (e-cigarettes), StattQualm developed its own made in Switzerland device. The four members of StattQualm share their passion for vaping and their flair for engineering and creativity.

Since 2013 StattQualm works as a company in the ongoing development of the product range. StattQualm GmbH strives to deliver the highest quality products and the best customer support at fair prices. In a diverse and constantly growing e-cigarette market, StattQualm succeeded in establishing itself through innovation and quality and to serve the market with high-quality vaping devices. Our product ‘SQuape ‘ has earned a high degree of acceptance in the community since 2013.
The company is located in the heart of Central Switzerland and also functions as before as an information platform or address for newbies in vaping.

We appreciate your interest in our company.
Team StattQualm
Chris, Marc, and Lukas

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StattQualm GmbH

Lehnplatz 11
CH-6460 Altdorf
+41 41 871 14 89 (Voicemail)

Planet of the Vapes

“The more time I've spent with the SQuape X Dream, the more I am falling in love with its outstanding performance. I'll be honest and say at first, it took me some time to get used to it, however now it's the first atomiser I reach for when going out the door!”dw1986 - Dan Willis

“Für mich waren schon der SQuape R[eloaded] und R[s] durch die wechselbaren Decks ein Meilenstein in der Verdampferentwicklung. Der SQuape X[dream] schafft es, trotz der hohen Messlatte, seine Vorgänger mehr als deutlich in den Schatten zu stellen und ist für mich ganz klar das beste Squape Modell und einer der besten Verdampfer der Premium Klasse.” Horst Winkler - Dampfer Magazin 05/2016

“ It looks like a SQuape, it vapes like a SQuape, but with those new sort of innovation with the non-threaded deck, with the locking mechanism and the fill method - I think this is an exceptional tank.” Damian Morter - A Bloody Good Vaping

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